Organic Crib Bedding

Organic crib bedding offers peace of mind to parents bringing their baby home for the first time. Knowing that they have provided an adequate baby room for their newborn to sleep and grow healthy allows them to spend more time focusing on bonding with their new baby. Natural products like organic crib bedding are perfect because they do not pose harm to the child or the environment.

Many organic crib bedding and nursery decor products are sold in sets and can include curtains, diaper storage, changing mats and furniture. Over the last few decades, parents have become a bit more savvy about how chemicals used to make products could have long-term effects on the development of their children. Nursery designs often incorporate ideas for organic products seamlessly.

Investing in organic crib bedding for your baby’s crib is a smart move. Not only will you help the environment by purchasing all-natural products, but you will help your baby by not subjecting her to harsh chemicals every time you lay her to bed.

Nature’s Purest Sleepy Safari 4-Piece Organic Crib Bedding Set

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The decor choices for organic crib bedding have expanded since the market has experienced a greater demand for these products. High-end Egyptian cotton, which has a very high thread count, is a great choice for sheets. The luxury thread count makes it downy feel against the skin a little more pricey than average organic products but is well worth the investment as your baby will be able to use it for many years.

Organic crib bedding sets typically come in four or six pieces. Additional items for these sets include organic linen duvets for the crib and velour blankets made of cotton. Choosing a set that is a adorable and that will help keep baby healthy is a great way to provide a good start for your new baby.

Here are a few adorable organic crib bedding sets to consider:

Summer Infant Organic Vine Patch 6-Piece Crib Set

Pixel Organics Organic Crib Set in “Lions, Tigers and Kitties . . . Oh My”

Butterfly Meadow Organic 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set by Kidsline