The English Folk Dance Music Project makes, collects and preserves recordings of the dance tunes and songs that are commonly heard in connection with the traditional English dance. The eventual aim is to create a collection of recorded tunes which will serve both as a reference for the future, and as a source of entertainment.

To present this without also becoming involved with the history, folklore and mythology of the tradition is a pointless and uninteresting route to take, for the true charm and value of the music is only revealed when it is put into it’s proper context.

This project attempts to present the whole story, the documented history and the romantic folklore, both of which are products of yesterday, inextricably coupled with the music itself, which is here today and very real.

It is an ongoing project, with new material released regularly, and the majority of profits from the sale of the recordings are put back into furthering the cause of English folk dance.

In time we will get round to all types and styles of English folk dance, and the first volume concentrates on The Cotswold Style of Morris dancing.