Golf Travel Insurance

People who are interested in sports tend to spend a lot of money to keep themselves updated with the right kind of sporting equipment. Gold players also spend a fortune making sure that they have the perfect golfing gear. And that is not all – many golfers actually prefer going on golf vacations to various locations to get a taste of what is out there. If you are traveling on a golf vacation or even if you are just taking along your golfing equipment to your vacation destination, you will need reliable golf travel insurance.

Getting Travel Golf Insurance

There are many ways to get golf travel insurance and golf club travel insurance. Online buying of insurance cover will always land you a better deal because online insurance companies are able to provide you with a better quote. But of course you need to do a bit of market comparison and see what kind of quotes are being offered before you select any particular insurance firm. Also find out if your cheap golf travel insurance plan provides a sufficient amount of cover – a lot of insurance companies will actually sell you a cheaper policy by cutting off some essential covers. Also make sure that the company you select has no claims complaints lodged against them.

Reliable Golf Travel Insurance

When it comes to golf travel insurances, you need to look for reliable insurance providers or brokers. Following are a few online companies that can provide you with valuable quotes.

AA Golf Insurance

Their plans cover any damage, theft or loss that might happen to your entire golfing equipment. AA is also notable for providing a unique travel cover which includes very comprehensive plans and a number of additional services. With their golf insurance, you have a ten million pounds cover for medical expenses, business travel cover and irrecoverable green fees of up to three hundred pounds. They also offer an exclusive financial failure holiday protection cover and a thousand pound cover for hired golf equipment. AA golf travel insurance also offers round the clock emergency services throughout the year.

Golf Care Travel Insurance

Golf care is one of the leading insurance providers and they can provide you custom designed packages perfect for golf vacationing. Since they are a specialized provider, they can probably offer you a better service and quote than other providers. They also have a money back guarantee which lasts up to fourteen days so there is nothing to worry about. The provider company also offers you the offer of getting the least quote possible. They claim to refund you the difference if you can find another golf travel plan in such low price.

Go Travel Insurance

Go travel insurance also has golf travel insurance plans which include their usual trip cover, along with some ad-ons like golf equipment hire cover up to three hundred dollars at thirty pounds per day and a cover of a thousand pounds for owned gold equipment (including clubs) insurance. They can also add a number of other activities to your golf travel insurance plan so you can have a great time while enjoying a policy with a low premium. Addition of any other activities will cost you extra premium though. Go travel insurance also offers cover for non-refundable green fees.